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            Are You SHOCKED 
                 By This Too?

It seems like every time you look up, there's yet another new, amazing, Regenerative cell medical advancement in the news. Right?

Fact: Regenerative cell therapy is at the leading edge of the advancements, and when you attend your FREE Regenerative Cell Informational Seminar you'll get to see 'first hand', with your own eyes, people JUST LIKE YOU who were in pain, and now they are living a normal unrestricted active life. 

Imagine the fun you'll be able to have if you were not held hostage by pain.

You'll get your life back and because you're able to move with less pain you'll probably even feel younger too!

That's one of the many reasons you're going to want to be here for this upcoming FREE Seminar.

     Who Should Attend This FREE Seminar?

1)  Do you have chronic pain?

2)  Are you considering surgery for pain, or do you have nagging injuries causing you pain in your joints, or back/spine?

3)  Are you tired of not being able to do the stuff you used to do?

4)  Do you feel that your mind is younger than your body is telling you?

5)  Do you want to regain additional mobility & independence?

If you answered 'YES!' to any of the questions above then this FREE Regenerative Cell Information Seminar is for you. 

   Who Should NOT Attend This FREE Seminar.

If you will only consider this treatment if insurance pays for it Do NOT attend because  - It Does NOT.

If you think this is the 'fountain of youth' fix. Do NOT attend because   -It is NOT.

            Here's The Truth.
We don't want you to waste your time if this is not a fit. BUT,  if you have chronic pain issues, or lingering, & nagging injuries that have you FRUSTRATED, because traditional pills and/or surgeries have only either hurt your body more, or just plain old have not worked, then you need to discover how people just like you are benefiting from Regenerative Cell Therapy. 


We don't blame you.  We want to get all the facts so you can make the best informed decision. That's why you'd be smart by making the decision to attend this upcoming Free Stem Cell informational Seminar.

   Here's what you can expect at your FREE Seminar. 

We'll answer a lot of Frequently Asked Questions about Stem Cells such as:

1. How long does treatment take?

2. How many treatments will I need?

3. Are there potential side effects?

4. Is there any down side?

5. Is it FDA approved?

6. What you can expect and how fast will you see results?
We care about you and your health. One of the worst things we could ever do is create false expectations. Right? So we will just 'shoot straight' and share the research and be honest with you.

In fact, we're so confident in what we do that we'll give you a 3 Part GUARANTEE!

               Here's Your 3 Part 
    Free Seminar GUARANTEE:


1. You'll get an absolutely 100% crystal clear idea of how much you can really expect to heal from Regenerative Cell therapy and clarity on what it actually does.
Let's Be Frank. 

     We want to be sure you are doing what you need to do for maximum pain relief. Unfortunately too many times people 'cover' the pain with pills. We'll go so far as to say the pills may be poisoning you. Many of the pills you've been taking are often times doing more damage then they are helping. 

    And it's not just the pills either. The foods and other life style choices are DEFINITELY contributing to your pain! We'll share with you PROVEN ways to help you TO STOP the PAIN, or at least get significant relief.  

Fair enough? 
2. We'll let you know the 'pros and cons' of various types of stem cell options, and share with you why we use what we use. If you choose not to use our services at least you'll know which type of services are available. In fact, we'll back up our words with RESEARCH that you can verify.
We understand you, and know that everyone is crazy busy. To add to that, there's just so much information about stem cells out there, so we've done the 'leg work' for you.
3. You'll get a non-medical terminology, 'easy to understand' explanation of how this will help your pain. Even if you've suffered a long time then you can still get great results. That is one of the many amazing aspects of REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. 

         FREE Regenerative Cell Info Seminar Reveals:
"The Truth About Regenerative Cell Therapy: 
 Real Stories From Real People." 

Discover how Regenerative Medicines have been used to help:
1. For Knee Pain
2. Hip Pain
3. Shoulder Pain
4. Back and Neck Pain
5. Headaches and Much More

        Here's The Best Part

We'll walk you through the EASY 'step-by-step' way for you to get started with your very own regenerative cell therapy!

Think about this... You're reading this just like the person in the video was reading a short while ago... THEY TOOK ACTION and came to the FREE INFO Seminar. Now They Are Better.

          You Can Be Next!

Select the date and time that is best for you. And be sure to bring friends and relatives who may benefit also. It's FREE. But you must RSVP for yourself and Guests. Click Below To RSVP Now.
One last thing.

Don't think about how many times you've been impatient with loved ones because you were in pain.

Don't think about all of the activities pain has robbed you from being able to do.

Don't think about how much more energy you're likely to have because pain has been robbing your emotions and energy.

           Think About This Instead...

Just imagine how your life is going to change when pain is no longer making you it's slave.

Picture yourself doing what you used to do, but without the aggravations and frustrations caused by pain.

           Pain Is Costing You Everyday!

The price that pain is charging you is enormous, because the price of chronic knee, hip, shoulder, back, spine, or other joint pains is paid by you having a lessor quality of life than you deserve. 

The price of pain is you've been missing out on so many memories.

And that's not all.

              Have You Ever Thought About This?

 Your loved ones are paying a hefty price too, because the pain is stealing their chances to be with you, so they've been missing out on memories with you, too. 

Can you really afford to keep paying the price of pain?

          It's NOT Your Fault.

Let's be clear. It's NOT your fault. And you should not have to continue to pay such a HUGE penalty because pain has you handcuffed, and in jail cell.

          Here's Good News!

Stem Cell Therapy looks like it could be your key to getting out of the jail cell. But the question is: Will you use it just like we have?

You've read this far so you're most likely thinking that you want to look into what just may be your 'get out of jail' key so Here's what you need to do RIGHT NOW. 

Click the button to reserve your seat because this FREE Seminar was standing room only last time. Click the button and reserve your seat right now before someone takes your spot. 

     There's no obligation for attending the FREE Seminar.

Come to your FREE Regenerative Cell Information Seminar & take the 'first step' towards the quality of life you truly deserve. You owe it to yourself to get the facts and then 'turn the key' to 'get out of jail' and live the quality of life you and your loved ones deserve.

See you soon!

Renewstem Team

P.S. Yes, we've used Regenerative cell therapy and we love the results! We think you'll love your results too. Take the first step. Click below and come to the FREE Seminar. 


So click on the reserve your spot button right now before somebody claims your spot. It's a 100% FREE NO OBLIGATION FREE Regenerative Cell Informational Seminar. Claim your spot right now. Click The Button right away.

What You're Going to Learn...
  •  Patients are seeing real, long term pain relief - Get real stories from real people and how Stem Cells changed their lives.
  •  There are 5 Types of Stem Cells You Can Get - Learn which ones are the best and WHY (there are no dead babies involved in this...please know that this has nothing to do with the revolting things people have done in the past).
  •  Why Stem Cells Heal So Many Things discover the truth behind why stem cells do what they do and find out if they are right for you.
Local Nurse's Surprising Confession Regarding How Regenerative Cells Work.
Listen To Her Story...
                        The History of Stem Cell

Stem cells have been around for well over a century. In fact, the term stem cell was used as early as 1868 and in 1909, Alexander Maximow lectured at the Berlin Hematological Society on a theory that all blood cells come from the same ancestor cell…..a stem cell. In 1968, the first bone marrow transplant occurred which was successful due to stem cells in the bone marrow. In 1978, stem cells were discovered in human cord blood. From here on there was many new types of stem cells discovered and the world of regenerative medicine commenced to take shape and show much promise. Presently, stem cells have the capacity to replace bone, fat, cartilage, heart tissue, muscle, etc. This shows much promise for many disease states. In fact, there are greater than 5000 clinical studies with stem cells found on the United States www, website. This demonstrates the progress and promise of stem cells.

         How Do Stem Cells Function?

Stem cells have the capacity to migrate to injured tissues, a phenomenon called homing. This occurs by injury/disease signals that are released from the distressed cells/tissue. Once stem cells are delivered to a site of injury or deployed into the blood stream they go to these distressed signals and dock on adjacent cells to commence performing their job.
1. Serve as a cell replacement where they change into the needed cell type such as a muscle cell. This is ideal for traumatic injuries and orthopedic indications.
2. They do not express specific HLAs which help them avoid the immune system. 
3. They dock on an adjacent cell and release proteins called growth factors, cytokines and chemokines. These factors help control many aspects systemically.
          i. Control the immune system and regulate inflammation which is a key mediator of diseases of aging and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
ii. Help to increase new blood vessel formation which aids in adding vasculature so that tissues can receive proper blood flow and the correct nutrients needed to heal such is the case in stroke, peripheral artery disease and heart disease.
iii. Provide trophic support for surrounding tissues and help host endogenous repair. This works great when used for orthopedics as it causes signals to be released which may now activate your own stem cells to repair a knee for instance. 
As research continues, the field of regenerative medicine and stem cells evolves into the greatest hope for those suffering from degenerative disease and looking for methods to improve their quality of life.

"Discover Why 
So Many People Are Racing 
To Discover How Stem Cells May Have You 
Doing Things You Never Thought You'd Do Again!"
What If Your Pain Was Gone? 

How Would That 
Change Your Life?

Who Would You Do More Activities With...?
What Kind Of Memories Has Pain Robbed You 
From Having?
What Kind Of Memories Would You Be Able To Make With A New Lease On A Less Pain, Or Pain-Free Life?
FACT: Chronic Pain Hurts Your Relationships Too. 

How Would Your Relationships Change With Less Pain?
Regenerative Cell Therapy
Helps You
Renew Your Possibilities™
No Surgery. Quick & Safe.

Your Future With Less Pain Just May Be Riding On Your Decision. Come To This FREE No Obligation Stem Cell Info Seminar.
FACT: Pain Is Costing You... And Your Loved Ones Are Having To Pay The BIG Price Too Because Of Missing Out On You Being The Best You That You Can Be - Right?

WARNING: Limited Space Available

This seminar is first come, first serve and RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.
Call Now to Confirm Seating (or click below to RSVP): (513) 447-3303
*All Procedures Are Administered By Local MD or DO.
Utilizing Guided Technology To Assist In
Delivering the Therapy To The Desired Location.*
Dr. Patrick & Dr. Paul Are The Presenters Of The Free Seminar
*Renewstem and affiliates do not claim that treatment using stem cells are a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. Regenerative cell therapy (Often referred to as “Stem cell therapy”) is not a part of FDA approved stem cell therapies and is not considered a cure for any medical condition. All statements and opinions provided on this website are for educational and informational purposes only and we do not diagnose or give medical advise via this website.
Individuals interested in regenerative cell therapy are urged to review all pertinent information and do their own research before choosing to participate in regenerative cell therapy. Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.
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